For Moms: Newborn Baby Haze Essentials :)

Next week my son Teddy turns four months old (Wait, whaaaaaa?!), so I thought I’d take a moment to share a few things that really helped me feel put together during those first few weeks. I experimented a lot with different products and eventually I settled on the items below because they helped me establish […]

My Maternity Fashion Journey

I’m on a little bit of a diet coke kick. I know that dreaded four-letter word – soda. But, I’m pregnant and if I can get through a McDonald’s drive-thru and just get a drink then I consider that a win! However, the other day I didn’t get to enjoy the pep of effervescence. In […]

Holiday Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your List :)

It’s December 15th and Christmas is fast approaching. But, I don’t have to remind you of this! Thanks to the repeated emails that I’m sure you’re receiving from every single retail store you’ve ever shopped at, you’re surely well aware that there are 6 days, 13 hrs, 5 mins, and 55 (54, 53 ,52…) seconds […]

“From Combat to Catwalk” – One of Life’s Many Transitions

This piece by CBS News hits at the center of Maggie Paine’s mission to help those who are in transition reach their goals. In the news clip, you’ll hear former Army Helicopter Pilot Lacey Szekley perfectly capture the transition from military life to civilian, “It’s your job, it’s your identity, it’s who you are for a really […]

Budget Shopping

It’s a mean, mean retail world out there. This scene from the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic” captures it perfectly: the main character, the shopaholic, who is overwhelmed with credit card debt lies down amidst a sea of “hate mail” (aka credit card statements) and wallows in sadness and confusion as it was just a […]

Salt Air

If you’ve wondered where I’ve been for the last few weeks, the picture below sums it up – the rocky coast of Maine. It’s where I grew up, but it also happens to be a place of inspiration for poets, writers, and artists. Heck, even Thoreau explored its landscape. And, can you blame him? 😉 […]

Meet Jeni. :)

Meet Jeni, an Army veteran, mom, wife, and a highly accomplished working professional who specializes in affordable housing. Jeni is yet another superwoman I’ve had the privilege of styling since I launched Maggie Paine in February. She is also a dear friend of mine from West Point. I am always so honored to serve all […]


There’s a famous line from The Godfather: Part III, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” There’s a lot of truth to that line and what it means for rational decision-making in business and life. But I’ve learned that as an image consultant, you’re both a stylist and a cheerleader for your client. For me, my business […]

“…Go Be It”

One of my favorite songs is “Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise” by The Avett Brothers. It’s a song about contrasts – darkness and light, and what’s wrong and what’s right. But it’s a song, most of all, about conflict – not conflict on the outside, but that within, between fears and […]

“One Step Out of Clock Time”

This week I went to Maine to see my folks. They live in Castine, which Oliver Wendell Holmes once described as “one of those old towns with a history.” Over the years Castine has been the summer home of some notable musicians, artists, and writers, including Don McLean, Clark FitzGerald, and Philip Booth, who later […]